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Your wedding-day is coming...
The first dance at a wedding is traditionally performed by the bride and groom.
We will put on a wedding dance routine especially for you and help you choose the right music for it.

3 benefits of a first wedding dance:
• A wedding dance is a beautiful sight!
• A wedding dance is a great gift for family and friends!
• A wedding dance will stay in your memory for many years!

Your learning is guaranteed:
• Don’t give up, even if you don’t know how to dance!
• We believe in the abilities of each and every pupil!
• We make the best of our professional knowledge to teach you!
• You will be able to waltz after your first lesson, even if you never done it before! In just 5 lessons we will put on a wedding dance routine for you and in 10 -12 lessons we will make a spectacular dance-performance!
• The choreography of a first wedding dance is taught only at private lessons.
• We are professional trainers (over a hundred first wedding dance routines in different styles).

To make an appointment, please call:
0547 454 047 - Andrew, 0547 655 993 - Liana

Watch the example: